Photohoku is Teaming up with Living Dreams (and Touchy again!)

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Photohoku had the great privilege this weekend of working along side some incredibly passionate and talented people who are dedicated to helping orphans in Japan. We spent all day Sunday sharing our love for photography with children at two local orphanages in Tokyo, St Josephs Home (聖ヨゼフホーム ) and Kiyose Kodomo-no-ie (清瀬 子供の家 –

The event was hosted by whose current program “Digital Natives” is empowering orphans with technology (computers, tablets, cameras). Our job was to capture their imagination though photography, spark them to get creative with us, and inspire their interest in technology. Our very good friend and past-collaborator, Touchy warmed up the children’s smiles and encouraged communication with his amazing human camera. It was a huge hit! Then Photohoku made photos for the children and hosted our album cafe where kids got to decorate the photos, also a huge success. Then Satoshi the Photographer gave the kids an interactive photography lesson, teaching them composition and story telling. All super fun for all!

This was just the first installment of this effort and if all goes according to plan, it looks like we are slated to visit all 520 orphanages in Japan over the course of the next few years. This is a really great opportunity for Photohoku and we couldn’t be more excited to be teamed with Living Dreams and the rest of the crew. Look for more to come and get in touch to get involved! WOOHOO!!!!

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