Oklahoma Bound!

OK!!! Its official. We’re Oklahoma bound, on the wings of a prayer and by the grace of some amazingly generous Okies, and, as you’ve come to expect, by the seat of our burning pants. We’ll be conducting PHOTOKLAHOMA activities this week in Moore, OK, on 10/29, 10/30, and 11/1, making new family photos and albums for tornado-affected families in the Plaza Tower and Briarwood communities. We need volunteers if anybody can break free. More details coming soon. We also need some items on this Amazon Wishilist, with priority on instant film, the Fuji FP-100c, we need about 30 packs at […]

Photosayas / Photohoku – Part 2 – Bantayan Island

After an eventful few days in Cebu City which included a talk at PechaKucha presentation at Politcs Cafe, we headed north by bus and ferry to the beautiful island of Bantayan in central Visayas where stayed for the rest of our time in the Philippines. In the town of Santa Fe where we stayed, pristine beaches and aquamarine waters lent to an atmosphere of peace and tranquility but the island was ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan in Nov of last year. It decimated many of the communities, tearing down 1000s of homes, halting any tourism as well as the vital fishing and […]

New Webs Site

Hi Pholks, The old website crashed and burned recently and we are trying to pick up the pieces here. It’s going to take a while to get all the photos and contents over here so please be patience while we work on it in the coming weeks. We just went ahead and decided to go ahead go live with it anyway despite still a lot of stuff to sort out, so at least people had a landing page. To dive deeper into Photohoku, hope on the Facebook page and check out what we have be doing. Lots to see there and […]