Oklahoma Bound!

OK!!! Its official. We’re Oklahoma bound, on the wings of a prayer and by the grace of some amazingly generous Okies, and, as you’ve come to expect, by the seat of our burning pants.

We’ll be conducting PHOTOKLAHOMA activities this week in Moore, OK, on 10/29, 10/30, and 11/1, making new family photos and albums for tornado-affected families in the Plaza Tower and Briarwood communities. We need volunteers if anybody can break free. More details coming soon.

We also need some items on this Amazon Wishilist, with priority on instant film, the Fuji FP-100c, we need about 30 packs at $10 a pop (immediately). Would be awesome if you could help out with film or an album or two (just order it and it gets sent to us.) Mail us with questions Рbrian@photohoku org. 

Hope to see you all!!!


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