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There are lots of ways to get involved in Photohoku.  For starters, Photohoku is really more than just a fun and effective volunteer effort, it really more of a movement, using photography to immediately help those in need. It can be conducted anywhere in the world, by anybody, including YOU! The ways you can help are only limited by your imagination.

ANYBODY can participate in Photohoku. You don’t need to be a seasoned pro photographer, you don’t even need a camera. You just a warm heart and willingness to help.

So here is the basic deal with Photohoku in Japan.

We had been hosting monthly family photo making events in the tsunami affected regions of northeastern Japan, called Tohoku. We reached our initial goal to continue our monthly efforts for 3 years which was the limit (now since long extended) for how long people we going to be allowed to live in the temporary housing there. The fact is that people still live there, but also that the situation in Tohoku is improving and people moving forward. So we’re scaling back (only slightly) our monthly visits to once every couple of months (we made many friends along the way who we can never forget!) At the same time, we are ramping up efforts to use Photohoku’s success in other contexts and locations. Our goal is to have independently run chapters all over the world, with Photohoku ambassadors using our methods to help their own communities. Eventually we’ll get a starter kit for how to make your OWN Photohoku but for now, here’s what you can do.


1.) Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

2.) Watch our Pechakucha and TEDx presentations.

3.) Check out our other initiatives Photosayas, Photoklahoma, and PhotoPride.

4.) Download our free iPhone app and ebook.

5.) Check out our Amazon Wishlist for things we need, or send us a camera (contact us for details!)

6.) Send us a mail at Brian[at] [ENG] or Yuko[at] [JP].

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Branch: Setagaya Branch

Type of the account: Savings

Bank address: 4-1-1, Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0004, Japan
Account number: 5603001
Account name:フォトウホク (PHOTOHOKU)
Swift code: SMBC JP JT
Bank code: 0009


…And start thinking of ways we can collaborate!!!