NPO Registration

Hey Photohoku Community!

Brian here. Need your help! Photohoku has been steadily moving forward year by year but recently we got some unexpected strong winds beneath our wings and its time to position ourselves to “level-up”. Our vision on moving forward is clear as day, while the perfect storm of collaboration and synergy is right in front of us, and we need some stuff to happen to make the most of all of it.

The first thing we need to do (and I’m talking not totally knowledgeable about this stuff) is to officially set up as an NPO. I think our best option is to set it here in Japan but its lots of red tape and time to realize. It may be the only way. But I’ve also been told that you can, essentially, buy a dormant NPO from company not using theirs in a sorta M&A acquisition, and simply change the name. This sounds like the simplest, fastest, albeit most expensive way to do it. 

I’m determined to make this happen as soon as possible as there are specific funding opportunities in the very near future and if we can’t figure this out before the, we’ll miss that ship. So while I’m trying to figure this, if you have ANY knowledge about doing this speedily, specifically “buying” an NPO status from another group, we’d greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you and stay tuned to cool new fun coming out of Photohoku. Cheers everybody!


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