Family Portrait – 10th Spring, Morioka, Iwate


The biggest earthquake since 2011 rattled Japan this weekend, stirring up memories of THE big one in Tohoku 10 years ago. We checked in with a few of our Tohoku pals and everything seems mostly ok. Hearts go out to all were shaken with uncertainly and especially to the little ones for whom these moments are so frightening.

2020 threw a wrench in Photohoku’s gears and the circumstances remain a challenge for us all. A few of our planned efforts were postponed and postponed again, but we’re happy to announce we’re still committed as ever (more news on that soon!) and moving cautiously forward with an exhibition next month in Morioka, Iwate to acknowledge the 10 years that have passed since 3.11. We’ve been graciously invited by Ukishima Sculpture Studio to join an exhibit of several other inspiring volunteer projects of their own, with our original massive collage installation collectively built with some 100+ photographers and volunteers and with the generosity of Fujifilm.

We will be at the opening, responsibly masked and socially distanced, and likely instant camera and film in tow. It will be modest, but everyone is invited. Following the exhibition, we may have found a permanent home for this giant piece of work in Fukushima which, with so many smiles contained within, it would be a dream come true,

Please share, wish us luck and get in touch if you would like to support us or be involved.