My Invincible Compass

Our friend Matt Miller, who is the grandson of a Japanese woman and an American G.I. whose son (Matt’s father), unfortunately, had to be given up to institutional care, like many children born during the war and subsequent US occupation. To understand his father’s past, Matt came to Japan to look for his biological roots and uncovered a story with as much heart as heartbreak.

Through this journey, Matt decided to dedicate his heart to kids who, like his father, face the complicated circumstances of life in orphanages without parents. And on that path a special kid names Tomoya came into view, who despite losing what little he had in the 2011 Earthquake, has become an advocate and voice of hope for kids in orphanages.

Matt is gonna tell Tomoya’s story in a film that will ripple out a message of positivity and hope. You still have one last chance to support this project before his Kickstarter is over. I encourage you to check it out.

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