Forever in an instant, 8 years ago

Forever in an instant, 8 years ago today, for so many in Japan, life was irreversibly turned upside down. Lives lost, livelihoods gone, but not the will to live. While nothing can replace such unfathomable loss, so much good will and brotherly and sisterly love has blossomed from this tragedy that one can’t help but to be uplifted by the human spirit found in the hearts and smiles of the people of Tōhoku who never stop reminding us what’s most important in life: eachother.

Through the Photohoku project, which continues today (and started with the two images here), we have been so graced and humbled to be able to play a very tiny part of Tohoku’s recovery. And through all the people the project has touched whether as a volunteer or a recipient, we send a message of love and remembrance this 3.11 and keep Tohoku in our hearts and thoughts, on a day when we’ll forever be reminded how fleeting and precious life is.

We love you Tōhoku, and always will

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