Photohoku 3

Greeting Fellow Photohokans!

Photohoku was back in Tohoku recently making family photo albums for those that lost theirs in the events of 3.11. Please take a moment to see some video excerpts (bottom of post) from our trip to Ishinomaki.

On this trip we welcomed two more talented Photohoku contributors, Midori Narasaki and Allison Kwesell, both of whom brought with them a sense of tenderheartedness and grace, along with their bright smiles. Thank you so much for joining us!

This time around we were able to give over 200 instant photos donated to us by Fuji Film, give half a dozen digital cameras, donated  by you, to the families to whom we had promised, as well as  start nearly 20 new albums for families who lost theirs in the events of 3.11. Furthermore, we were able to re-connect with new friends we have made along the way, and make many new ones too. Needless to say, Photohoku 3 was a HUGE success.

Photohoku Rebuilding One Photo At A Time

We’ll be putting up some commentary about our latest experiences there in the coming days. At the same time, we are already planning for Photohoku 4, which will take us back to Ishinomaki as soon as next weekend (11/27-28). We hate to have to ask, but need your support to realize these efforts. Please consider making a donation to help us pay for the travel and material expenses (It cost’s about $130 per person per trip.) We also need your retired digital cameras. Please consider sending yours and a few friend’s to the address on the right. If you can think of other ways to support us, we’re all ears!

In the meantime, please enjoy the many courageous smiles found in these videos and stay tuned for more updates.


(If you only have time to watch one, watch Part 2. Bound to put a smile on your face! But the first one is good too. What them both!)

3 thoughts on “Photohoku 3”

  1. brian, i’m your mom’s 2nd cousin from winnipeg. what a a wonderful thing your doing! i very much am enjoying the videos!

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